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An additional water filter placed at the end of the water tube is generally recommended to clean the drinking water. The water supply companies that guarantee the supply of water to the houses are only obliged to filter specific pollutants regulated by law in the respective country up to a certain limit value. It is possible for critical substances to be present in drinking water as they might not regulated by law. In addition, the house pipes can seriously impair the quality of the drinking water.

Especially for water ionizers filtration plays a key role. Most of the heavy metals present in drinking water have a positive ionic charge, just like alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Therefore, heavy metals should be filtered out before ionization. The exclusive Filter Technology by SANUSLIFE{2} INTERNATIONAL{3} has been designed precisely to filter out the harmful contaminants in water while leaving mostly of the alkaline minerals.

The ECAIA ionizer S convinces users with its dual filter technology:

The ECAIA Filter No. 1 filters out coarser-particle pollutants, especially heavy metals, which have a larger structure.

The ECAIA Filter No. 2 filters out smaller-particle contaminants.

This combination achieves an outstanding filtration performance.

Thanks to our two-stage Filter Technology, it has been possible to increase the filtration capacity of Filter No. 2, which is thus double the capacity of Filter No.1. This can also save costs.

Here you can read in detail what tasks the filters perform:

The ECAIA Filter No. 1 has been primarily designed to remove harmful heavy metals. Upon entering the filter, water passes immediately through the sediment filter, thus beginning the process of purification. Here coarser impurities and the coloring caused by rust are removed. After that, purification continues through a mixture created by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL with various types of granular activated carbon to ensure the high performance of the filter. A special activator modifies the heavy metals in water in such a way that they are even more attracted, as by a magnet, to the activated carbon. Just as a magnet attracts metal, activated carbon attracts harmful substances, while mostly leaving the minerals important for health in the water. An important fact, because otherwise the subsequent ionization could not be carried out properly. SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL has acquired the knowledge regarding this special filtration process over the years, thanks to the continuous contact with various experts in the field, and has applied it in an excellent manner.

The ECAIA Filter No. 1 has a filtration capacity of 1.800 liters. After the first contact with water, we recommend filter replacement at least every 6 months, regardless of the amount of water that has been filtered.

The ECAIA Filter No. 2 removes very fine-particle contaminants such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC), herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, hormones, drug residues and many others. In addition, an antibacterial treatment with granular activated carbon prevents bacterial growth inside the ECAIA Filters No.1 and No.2. A special hollow fiber membrane with pores of 0.1 µ at the end of Filter No. 2 provides additional protection against germs and bacteria.

Since the coarser pollutants have already been filtered out by the ECAIA Filter No. 1, the filtration capacity of the ECAIA Filter No. 2 is automatically increased. The latter has, in fact, a filtration capacity of 3,600 liters. After the first contact with water, we recommend filter replacement at least every 6 months, regardless of the amount of water that has been filtered.

Certificates, tests and analyses

Here you will find the filter analyses which were carried out in connection with the complex H.A.C.C.P. Certification for the ECAIA ionizer S.